Jr C Lakers Game cancelled due to leaky roof.

May 7, 2017 (Peterborough, ON)

The Jr C Lakers game vs Gloucester was cancelled part way through the first period on Saturday night at the Evinrude Centre.

With the Lakers ahead 3-0, the officials called the game after 12 minutes were played in the first.  The officials declared the floor unplayable due to water leaking from the roof.  According to reports there were at least four leaks dropping water directly on the floor.

The game will need to be replayed.  According to sources the financial burden of Gloucester’s travel costs will fall directly on the Lakers.  The roof at the Evinrude Centre was an issue last summer as well.

Although there was heavy rainfall, the Evinrude roof has been an issue known to city staff for some time.  Sources indicate that the original roof was not properly constructed due to budget concerns at the time.  Arena management was not available for comment.

The unfortunate incident further highlights the sad state of city recreational facilities.  Other recent issues include the state of Northcrest Arena, the floor at the Memorial Centre and a flawed renovation at Kinsmen Arena.  Now the bootstrap Jr C’s will pay the price.