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When we were asked to put together an “All-time Team”, we knew there would be many tough decisions to be made. The goal was to assemble the best lineup from the great history of the Peterborough Petes — not just a list of great players, but an actual team. So, we looked for balance in the lines, grit and each player’s accomplishments as a Pete. Some players went on to great success post Petes but their numbers as Petes were a little sub-par. Here we go; let the debate begin!

The coach, Dick Todd

There have been a slew of great coaches in Petes’ history, but Todd made it to the third playoff round at least 11 times, plus five finals and three OHL Championships.  Even more impressively, Dick Todd never missed the playoffs — ever — and that’s good enough for us!


Up front:

Left Wing Centre Right Wing
Rick McLeish Daniel Ryder Cameron Mann
Mike Ricci Mike Harding Jason Dawe
Mickey Redmond Doug Jarvis Scott Barney
Kris King Keith Acton Doug Evans


This forward group brings scoring (the first two lines tallied 1,740 points as Petes), smarts and toughness. It includes great offence players and perhaps the most clutch Pete ever, Cameron Mann. The line of Redmond, Jarvis and Barney could be the best line in many other organizations.  Because we wanted to put a true team together, our fourth line would be the toughest in the league with a combined 1,557 penalty-minutes but proved they could play too amassing 784 points as Petes.


On defence:

Larry Murphy Chris Pronger
Brent Tully Shawn Evans
Matt Carkner Mike Martone
Colin Campbell


The competition for defensive spots was fierce and highly debated but our top pair was clear — two great junior players who went on to be hall of famers. Tully brought leadership and Evans, often overlooked, tallied 256 points in his Petes’ career. We wanted our defence to be full of great leaders and grit; Martone, Carkner and Campbell fit that bill.


The Tenders:

Ron Tugnutt
Joey MacDonald


Choosing the goalies was our most hotly contested decision. The problem with looking at all-time stats is that goalie statistics are influenced greatly by the era in which they play. There is no doubt that Kay Whitmore, Trevor Cann, et al were great Petes but we can only pick two. We went with two “gamers” — two guys who brought it every night and showed up consistently in the big games.

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Honourable mentions:

Craig Ramsey, Jamie Tardiff, Mark Flood, Trevor Hendrix and Andrew D’Agostini.

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