Pete Dalliday’s All Under-rated Petes Team

by Pete Dalliday, voice of the Petes

My team is made up of players who, for the most part, didn’t go on to big NHL careers. Some did, but many never played in a single NHL game despite having great careers with the Petes. There were better Petes, some who put up bigger numbers than my team below, but keep in mind that this team consists of the most underrated Petes team of all time.  

The coach:

Since we picked Dick Todd to head our All-time Team, and Gary Green is often recognized as the only coach to lead the Petes to Memorial Cup Championship, I’m going with Rick Allain. That’s right, perhaps a bit of a surprise but Allain had 191 wins as a Petes coach and that was before the shoot-out. If you take just half of his 38 ties and make them into victories, he’d have the equivalent of well over 200 wins behind the Petes bench. I have not seen him since he was fired, but he deserves some credit.


 Up front:   

My list consists of 12 forwards, regardless of the position they played. Anyway, they were so talented that they probably played two or three different positions at some point.


Left Wing Centre Right Wing
Ross Wilson

Troy Stephens

Tony Cassolato
Jim JJ Johnston Joe Hawley Jamie Tardif
Bob Errey Mark Freer Marc Teevens
Doug Gibson Rob Giffin Logan DeNoble


Many of these players never suited up in the NHL but they sure did leave their mark with the Petes. If heart and soul were statistics, these guys would have been Hall of Famers. Known more for his lacrosse skills, in just 100 games as a Pete, JJ Johnston had 116 points playing on a defence-first, Roger Neilson coached teams. DeNoble, if he plays as an over-age, could become just the 20th Pete to score 100 or more career goals. I give an honourable mention to Robert Francz who had 138 points and over 455 penalty minutes. Mike Williams could be on my team any day; so could big winger Dave Roche.


The defence:

Greg Theberge       Geordie Kinnear
Dustin Wood    John Vanderburg
Jamie Pegg

Jim Wiemer


You talk to anyone that played for the Petes in the late 90s or early 2000s, including former NHL player Kurtis Foster, and they will agree that Dustin Wood is one of the hardest working guys they ever played with. On a team full of stars, Kinnear quietly went about leading the 1993 Petes team to the Memorial Cup final. If you ask Jeff Twohey who was one of the best leaders he ever coached, Kinnear’s name would near the top, if not on top, of his list. Ron Stackhouse wouldn’t look out of place on this blue line corps either.


The tenders:

David Currie
Andrew Verner


His name never seems to come up, but David Currie had nine shutouts as a Pete including six in the 2002/03 season. Verner won 63 games, tied 13 and only had 30 losses between the Petes pipes in the early 90s. He also had six assists! Honorable mention goes to Zak Bierk who was, perhaps, the most fun to watch and a shout out to Todd Bojcun who had over 50 wins and six shutouts as a Pete.

Did I miss anyone? I’m pretty sure I probably did as the Petes have been playing for over 60 years. So many players could have made my list! Narrowing it down to 20 players and one coach was more difficult than I thought. Let me know how I did: @petedalliday on twitter.